The Alva School Chorus

The Alva School Chorus is comprised of talented students in the 3rd through 8th grades devotes to musical exploration and performance. Students learn and practice throughout the school day and at after school rehearsals. They encounter a variety of musical compositions from different periods of history and different cultural backgrounds. While certain choral arrangements are selected by the instructor for creative and vocal growth, students are given the opportunity to assist with decision-making in regards to the selections that are performed. Students interact with like-minded peers and enjoy the satisfaction of musical development, as well as the joy of showcasing their musical skills to their peers, educators, family members, and the Alva community through our various concerts.

The Alva School Junior Chorus

The Alva school Junior Chorus is comprised of talented students in kindergarten through 3rd grade. These students enjoy musical experiences during the school day and demonstrate their singing skills through songs they learn throughout the year. The Junior Chorus will have one performance this year in the winter. We look forward to seeing you there!