1. Continuous positive feedback from teachers
  2. Positive post cards in the mail
  3. Positive referrals sent home regularly
  4. Teachers really seem to care about my son
  5. Positive Behavioral Support system really works
  6. I wouldn’t want my child to go anywhere else
  7. Counselors and administrators are accessible to students and parents
  8. All counselors – right on the mark!
  9. Students are very polite
  10. ESE bus driver goes the extra mile. Reminds my child to get her jacket, compliments her, tells her she “looks nice today.”
  11. Students participate in community service
  12. Students are upstanding young people
  13. The school provides Christmas for needy families. That builds a sense of community caring.
  14. Do the Right Thing Award - A LOT of kids get it at Alva. This really shows how administration and teachers have high moral expectations for our kids.
  15. These people care. They just care. You can see it.