We have been awarded a Silver Level PBIS 2016-2017 Award.  We have done a wonderful job building this together.  Please see our written description and award certificate below.  Again thank you to everyone for this well desired honor.


The Alva School implemented a researched based Second-Step Curriculum each week to engage our instructional approaches by providing teachers and students with a common set of strategies to de-escalate disciplinary situations by empowering all stakeholders with better classroom relationship building techniques.  These simulations and discussions fostered a greater sense of community, taught self-regulation, taking responsibility, showing empathy, and embracing others prospective.  All staff members were trained during Pre-school week on additional relationship building strategies.  Our new staff members were trained within a week of being hired on these techniques.  To create alternative to suspension options we looked at each incident on an individual basis.  We implemented a problem solving model to determine the root cause of the negative action prior to determining next steps.  In using this systematic approach we aligned all consequences with a restorative outlook.  Students were given the opportunity to take part in work detail, community beautification, parental meetings, parental shadowing, one-on-one social skills reinforcement, goals setting, and private reflection followed by discussion.  Students were also provided an opportunity to take part in peer mediation and restorative circles.   We proactively set parent, student, teacher, and administration team meetings at the onset of a potential pattern to define clear expectations and eliminate a negative trend.  Our school-wide fresh start approach each day provided our students with a safe setting to establish new personal norms and individual growth patterns both academically and behaviorally.