Homework Portal

The Homework Portal is a website where students and guardians can view information posted by school staff members, including:

  • Homework
  • Classroom Resources
  • Teacher Websites
  • Teacher Event Calendars
  • School Calendars



Every day, Every Learner has the Right to Succeed.

Success for all Learners is a priority. All faculty, staff, and students will be immersed in the mission.  Consistent rules and expectations are established to make sure that the entire campus is moving in the same direction.

Our commitment to this program and continuous supportive practices will decrease the level of problem behaviors, improve academic achievement, and foster a positive learning environment for all stakeholders.

The goal for PBIS/RTS is to stop the undesirable behavior by:

  • Replacing it with a new behavior or skill
  • Altering the environments
  • Teaching appropriate skills
  • Rewarding appropriate behavior

~Our authenticity in our craft and care for each student will have a far reaching impact on our success.~