Introducing LaunchPad ClassLink

Introducing LaunchPad ClassLink

ClassLink solves the problem of too many passwords, and too many files scattered about. It’s a one click single sign-on solution that gives students access to everything they need to learn, anywhere, with just one password. 

The students have many terrific web applications provided to them through The Alva School to help each student enrich his or her learning experience. Parents also have access through the internet to students’ grades, test scores, textbooks, and AR information. There is an easy way for students and parents to access these websites. Launchpad has all the “apps” (similar to a phone or tablet) available in one place. Best of all, most of the apps will automatically sign in after the student initially signs into Launchpad using their username and password. This sheet will provide you with specific information on how to access the Launchpad as well as a description of some of the applications and websites available to students and parents. There is also a Launchpad app to download called “Lee County Schools LaunchPad” that works exactly the same on most personal devices.

Launchpad Website:


Click above to access

*Recomended - Chrome Browser*

*IMPORTANT - Please install Chrome Extension when prompted*

Single Sign-on Username and Password:




PASSWORD (8 digit student ID):                                            



Important Applications on Launchpad (For PARENTS and STUDENTS)



FOCUS K-12: Focus K-12 will connect you to your child’s schedule, grades, and test history. Test history if found by going to “My Information” and then “Progress Monitoring.”


*FOCUS requires your child’s email address to sign on. You must enter the student’s email address in the

USERNAME field. Each student’s email address is their single sign-on username (written above), and then finished with (e.g.,  [email protected] ). After you have entered the email address, press the TAB button and the website will automatically finish signing you in.


Google Apps folder:  This is a folder containing all of the Google Apps available to your child. There are many great ways that teachers and students can use Google Apps in the classroom. Google Classroom is one application that many teachers use to enhance your child’s learning experience in and out of the classroom.  This is where your child could interact electronically with their teacher. Another use is for students to simply  type in Google Docs and then send them to the teacher. All you need to do to send a file is to look for the SHARE button in the top right corner and then search for the teacher’s email address listed below.


*Students will need to use their email address to sign into a Google Classroom. Each student’s email address is their single sign-on username (written on the front of the page), and then finished with

(e.g.,  [email protected])  . The password will be the same as their single sign-on password (written on front of page).  **Sidenote: The email address in elementary is not an active email but one used only to log in.

Safari Montage: This is an application that has thousands of multimedia objects students can view.

This learning object repository has educational movie clips for ages K-adult, PDFs, textbooks, and encyclopedias  and more for students to access to reinforce learning.


Renaissance Home Connect (AR) (found under the “Instructional Apps” folder): Renaissance Home Connects provides you with information on what AR quizzes your child is taking and how your child is performing on those quizzes. Depending on your web browser, you may need to install an extension before the “ClassLink OneClick” (automatic sign in) to take effect. Once you are signed in you can choose to have emails sent to you when your child takes a test.


OVERDRIVE (found under the “Instructional Apps” folder): Did your child forget to bring an AR book home? Was the AR book not a good fit for your child? This app brings you to the Lee County Public School’s Digital Library.  From here your child can search for and read library books at home without ever leaving the house!


Compass Learning (found under the “Instructional Apps” folder): Compass Learning provides your child with their personalized math, reading, science, and social studies learning path that can be both monitored and manually altered by the teacher. You can also view your child’s Compass Learning portfolio to see how they are performing on assignments.


Pearson SuccessNet (found under the “Instructional Apps” folder): Pearson SuccessNet is where your child’s reading resource, Reading Street, can be found. There are lessons that support the lessons in class throughout the week. Students can also get caught up when absent from school.


ThinkCentral (found under the “Instructional Apps” folder): ThinkCentral will connect you to your

child’s math textbook, extra math worksheets, math tools, and videos to help explain math homework.


HMH Central (found under the “Instructional Apps” folder): HMH Central is also known as “Fast Math”.  This is a fun website to help students master their math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Students will be moved on along as they master each set of facts.


myNGconnect (found under the “Instructional Apps” folder): This link connects your child to National Geographic materials that teachers use for science. Students can visit this website to play a game, listen to a book, or watch a video about science.

What is Launchpad?

Parent & Student Website Information


Sight Words & Saxon

Google Drive Access

*Must have a google account and logged in*

Click Here


Phonogram DVD

Reading Skills Program Link

Click Here


Teacher's Email

Want to contact a teacher?

Click Here 


Focus Parent Portal

Access to student's schedule, assignments, grade, etc

Focus Parent Portal
The Focus Parent Portal is active & accurately reflect student grades and assignments. Schools can direct parents to the School District's website for directions on Opening an Account/Resetting Passwords in Focus. The Focus Parent Portal is NOT for student use.

Registering for a Focus Parent Portal Account
In the interest of protecting student confidential information, we have created the following secure procedures for parents/guardians to create a Focus Parent Portal account. There are two options available to parents/guardians:


During the registration process, if parents can provide the current email address they have on file with the district, their child’s Student ID, Date of Birth, AND the last 4-digits their child’s Social Security Number (providing the student's SSN is on file with the District), the system will automatically verify their Focus Parent Portal account and give them immediate access to their student’s information. If their child’s SSN is not on file with the district, or the parent elects not to provide it, Option 2 must be used to request access to their child’s information.


During the registration process, if parents can provide the current email address they have on file with the district, their child’s Student ID, Date of Birth, BUT their child’s SSN is not on file with the district (or they elect not to provide the last 4-digits of their child’s SSN), the parents may create their Focus Parent Portal account. However, they will not be provided access to their student’s confidential information until the child’s school verifies the parent's request. The approval process should be completed within 1-2 business days of receiving the request. An alert will appear on the Focus Portal Page notifying schools of the number of parent accounts waiting to be verified. To verify parent accounts, school-based users with the appropriate permissions simply need to select the VERIFY PARENT ACCOUNTS report under the USERS tab and check the box next to each parent account they want to verify. Clicking SAVE will provide parents/guardians with access to student information via the Focus Parent Portal

Focus Parent Login

First time? Register

Forgot Password? Recovery

How to setup a Focus Parent Account and Resetting Password