Welcome to the Robotics Class!

The Alva School’s robotics class is devoted to be the first Lee County middle school to build an autonomous car using solar energy and Bluetooth controlled.

Objective: To enhance the students' education with Engineering principles through the Arduino microcontroller and C programming. Obtaining this knowledge, will allow students to excel in certain careers.

Our Inspiration

The purpose of this class is to introduce new technology to students so they have an advantage in high school and future education as well as exploring new opportunities, to make a safe, green, multi-controllable vehicle that makes many tasks easier. We want to explore solar energy and its benefits for the future.

Final Project

Multi Controlled Rover (MCR 1.0)


  • Bluetooth
  • Solar powered
  • Geared DC Motor
  • Ultrasonic Detection
  • Battery Operated
  • Autonomous
  • Mobile device controlled
  • Arduino controlled

Phase I: The Beginning

Brainstorming for robot design.

Phase II: The Research

YouTube videos of Bluetooth controlled vehicles

Parallax kit performing autonomous action

Phase III: Frame Chassis Design

48"X48" square design

1/2" angle iron for strenghth

Phase IV: 3D Modeling for Visual Reference

Phase V: Deconstruction

Future phases still to come.......