Mrs. Lang and the 2014-2015 yearbook staff are very excited to be creating the second yearbook for The Alva School. Once again the yearbook will be hardcover, at least 120 pages, full color, and much more. Yearbooks sold out last year the day they arrived, so please be sure to pre-order a yearbook since that is the only way to guarantee that you will get one.

Although the yearbook staff does it's best to capture images of all of the events going on with our students and faculty inside and outside of the school, it is not always possible. That's why we want you, the students, staff, and parents at The Alva School to take out your cameras and get to snapping pictures that we may include in the yearbook. Please upload pictures that have to do with events at the school or events in the community that Alva students are participating in. All pictures will be screened before being accessible on the site. The access code is Alva to begin uploading your pictures. Please include the following information in the comments section of each image you upload:

Name(s) and grades of people pictured
Location picture was taken
Date picture was taken

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