Dress Code

The Alva School K-8 Policies 2020-2021



The Alva School expects students to dress for success. If students fail to meet the following dress standards, they will be asked to change into clothing apparel that meets dress standards. This includes, but is not limited to:

Clothing must be neat, clean and must not detract from the learning environment by creating distractions. Clothing or apparel that advertises or displays in picture or word, tobacco, alcoholic beverages, brewery logos, drugs/controlled substances or guns/weapons or of a sexual nature are not permitted at The Alva School. 

TOPS:  All tops must cover the shoulder completely. They may not be sheer, see-through, mesh, or netted. No tank tops or spaghetti straps are permitted.  The length of the tops should be long enough to tuck in and/or cover the waistline of the pants or skirt (no bare stomachs). ALL clothing must meet dress code even if it is covered by a jacket, hoodie or sweater.  All tops must be worn on the right side (no inside out). 

BOTTOMS: Pants must be worn so that the underclothing (e.g. underwear, gym shorts) is not visible. Tight fitting spandex, Lycra, leggings, jeggings or yoga pants are not allowed. All bottoms must be free of holes, rips and tears.  Skirts, dresses jumpers, and shorts must approach the knee in length and cover at least three fourths of the thigh. Slits in dresses or skirts should not extend above mid-thigh. Pajama bottoms are not allowed. 

ACCESSORIES: Chains, sharp jewelry and spikes are not allowed at school. No hats, bandanas, gloves, or sunglasses may be worn in the building; Sunglasses or hats may be worn during PE or Recess.  Costume style or animal shaped headbands are not permitted. Gang related tattoos, or other tattoos that may cause a substantial disruption to the educational environment are prohibited.  Only clear water bottles are allowed. 

SHOES: Shoes must be worn at all times.  
K-5: Must wear closed toe and fastened back shoes at all times (for your child’s safety)
6-8: Appropriate footwear at all times.  
K-8: No slides, slippers, fuzzies, or house shoes allowed. Crocs may only be worn with strap in place behind the heel. 
Shoes with built in accessories such as speakers or wheels are not allowed. 

HAIR/MAKEUP: Hair and makeup must not be distractive to learning.

Students who choose not to follow the dress code will have parents notified and may be sent home until proper attire is obtained. When parents cannot be reached, students will be provided with a change of clothes if available. 

KEEP IT AT HOME.  Items not required for specific classroom instruction and participation should be left at home. This includes, but is not limited to: music devices, speakers, sporting equipment, skateboards, electronic games, toys, and cameras. These items will be held until parents pick them up. All unclaimed items will be donated to charity at the end of each school year. Please help us to keep our school a place for learning and keep non-educational items at home. 
The school will not investigate stolen items that are not to be at the school.


Electronic Device Policy

 Electronics/Telecommunication Devices (ETD)-Display or use of a personal electronic or telecommunication device during school hours.

Students may possess cell phones and other personal electronic devices (to include SMART watches) while on school grounds during the regular school hours, however they must be turned off at all times unless utilized for an approved activity.  Cell phones/SMART watches/Speakers of any kind must be put away and out of sight in backpacks/bags (not in pockets, shirts, or on their “person”) from 7:25 am until off bus ramp/campus.  Electronic Devices are not allowed in Alva Care.   Possession of all personal electronic devices, including cell phones, is done at the student’s own risk and the school assumes no responsibility, legal or otherwise, with regard to these items.

Display or use of cellular phone or other telecommunication devices or electronic equipment unless for an administrative approved activity:


Offense The Alva School K-8
First Administration takes phone/Parent Pick Up
Second Admin takes phone/Parent & Principal meet
Repeated Admin takes phone/Parent Pick Up 

Unauthorized use of an electronic device or camera to record school activities

Offense The Alva School K-8
First Level II (Plan 2 Interventions/ATS/OSS)
Repeated Level II (Plan 2 Interventions/ATS/OSS/SARC Review)

Unauthorized taping or photographing of a disruption on campus that can be used to degrade, threaten, intimidate, or dehumanize the student(s) involved.  (Fighting/Peer Conflicts, etc.)

Offense The Alva School K-8
Offense Level II (Plan 2 interventions/ATS/OSS)
Repeated Level II (Plan 2 interventions/ATS/OSS/SARC Review)

Sexting or display of pornographic or inappropriate messages, pictures or images on one’s cellular phone.

Offense The Alva School K-8
First Level III (Plan 3) *Consult with Law Enforcement

All will be in addition to loss of phone usage and Parent Pick Up.

At any time a parent can get in contact with their child through the school’s phone number 239-728-2494.  We will get your message to your child right away.  Additionally, children have an opportunity to get a hold of their parent(s) through the front office phone as needed.  We appreciate your support of your child’s education. 


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